Wooden LED lamps, the latest trend

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Wooden LED lamps, the latest trend

With soft and pleasant lights, innovative designs and finishes and the natural charm of this material, wooden LED lamps are the ideal choice for contemporary homes and a trend that has come to stay in interior design.

If you are thinking of lighting your home, but want to do it with a new and avant-garde touch, LED lighting in wood is the perfect initiative to illuminate and decorate with elegance and modernity the rooms of your home or office.

Wood, LED technology and innovation are the perfect combination for today’s spaces. That’s why this type of lighting is becoming increasingly popular in interior design.

Wooden LED lamps are decorative pieces that do not go unnoticed anywhere, are made of durable and resistant material, fit very well in different spaces and provide a natural charm in any context.

In that sense, choosing wooden LED lamps to decorate and illuminate will give warmth and style to the place where you place them, because they are unique and modern pieces.

In general, LED wood lamps are handcrafted, but with modern, elegant designs and multiple options for customization, a feature that allows you to assign them the color of your preference and animate your living spaces according to your moods.

Wood, an attractive and friendly material

A great variety of shapes and colours make wood an easily customisable material that offers numerous possibilities for combination with other decorative elements.

In addition to being a resistant and durable material, wood does not emit harmful substances, which is why these types of lamps are decorative devices that respect the environment and evoke a bit of nature in the space where they are placed.

Also, in spite of being a natural material, it is elegant and offers many possibilities in decoration and brings sophistication to any decoration complement.

The different types of wood mean that the options with this material are infinite, and it also plays a prominent role in numerous designs of wooden LED lamps.

LED technology, savings and efficiency

As a complement to the benefits offered by wood, LED technology has a very long life, so you will not have to replace these lamps for many years and your investment will become a smart bet.

On the other hand, LED lighting produces less heat, is more efficient and has a huge saving capacity since it consumes up to 80% less electricity, an advantage that your economy will appreciate.

Furthermore, because of its energy efficiency, low consumption and long life with a higher light output than a standard light source, LED technology is an essential element in your home. And if you add to this the benefits provided by wood, the handcrafted LED lamps designed in wood are a bet of lighting according to the new times, which demand more responsible consumption habits and sustainability.

Art y Zign Wooden LED Lamps

For all these reasons, wooden lamps with LED technology are an ecological style of decoration that brings elegance and distinction to any space.

If you are looking for interior lighting options on the Internet, you will surely find a wide variety of models of wooden lamps, but here you will find creative handmade lamps with a unique concept of solid wood and equipped with customizable LEDs that will give a different touch of brightness to your home or office.

These lamps are made of bentwood with integrated LED technology. Their appearance is of a high design level and they are characterized by the light that flows through the grooves in a constant and uniform way.

With multiple lighting and colour options, modern and innovative designs and the natural touch of wood, which always stands out among other decorative objects, the Art y Zign lamp collection is an option you should consider.

You can customize its colors and light effects to suit your environment and choose from 16 million colors and more than 180 dynamic modes. In addition, they are UL certified, which guarantees quality and safety.

The wood is protected with satin lacquer, so it preserves the natural colour of the wood and gives it a small shiny effect.

They also come with a smartphone application that allows you to choose between static or dynamic colors and many automatic modes.


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