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Wooden LED lamps, the latest trend

With soft and pleasant lights, innovative designs and finishes and the natural charm of this material, wooden LED lamps are the ideal choice for contemporary homes and a trend that has come to stay in interior design.

If you are thinking of lighting your home, but want to do it with a new and avant-garde touch, LED lighting in wood is the perfect initiative to illuminate and decorate with elegance and modernity the rooms of your home or office.

Wood, LED technology and innovation are the perfect combination for today’s spaces. That’s why this type of lighting is becoming increasingly popular in interior design.

Wooden LED lamps are decorative pieces that do not go unnoticed anywhere, are made of durable and resistant material, fit very well in different spaces and provide a natural charm in any context.

In that sense, choosing wooden LED lamps to decorate and illuminate will give warmth and style to the place where you place them, because they are unique and modern pieces.

In general, LED wood lamps are handcrafted, but with modern, elegant designs and multiple options for customization, a feature that allows you to assign them the color of your preference and animate your living spaces according to your moods.

Wood, an attractive and friendly material

A great variety of shapes and colours make wood an easily customisable material that offers numerous possibilities for combination with other decorative elements.

In addition to being a resistant and durable material, wood does not emit harmful substances, which is why these types of lamps are decorative devices that respect the environment and evoke a bit of nature in the space where they are placed.

Also, in spite of being a natural material, it is elegant and offers many possibilities in decoration and brings sophistication to any decoration complement.

The different types of wood mean that the options with this material are infinite, and it also plays a prominent role in numerous designs of wooden LED lamps.

LED technology, savings and efficiency

As a complement to the benefits offered by wood, LED technology has a very long life, so you will not have to replace these lamps for many years and your investment will become a smart bet.

On the other hand, LED lighting produces less heat, is more efficient and has a huge saving capacity since it consumes up to 80% less electricity, an advantage that your economy will appreciate.

Furthermore, because of its energy efficiency, low consumption and long life with a higher light output than a standard light source, LED technology is an essential element in your home. And if you add to this the benefits provided by wood, the handcrafted LED lamps designed in wood are a bet of lighting according to the new times, which demand more responsible consumption habits and sustainability.

Art y Zign Wooden LED Lamps

For all these reasons, wooden lamps with LED technology are an ecological style of decoration that brings elegance and distinction to any space.

If you are looking for interior lighting options on the Internet, you will surely find a wide variety of models of wooden lamps, but here you will find creative handmade lamps with a unique concept of solid wood and equipped with customizable LEDs that will give a different touch of brightness to your home or office.

These lamps are made of bentwood with integrated LED technology. Their appearance is of a high design level and they are characterized by the light that flows through the grooves in a constant and uniform way.

With multiple lighting and colour options, modern and innovative designs and the natural touch of wood, which always stands out among other decorative objects, the Art y Zign lamp collection is an option you should consider.

You can customize its colors and light effects to suit your environment and choose from 16 million colors and more than 180 dynamic modes. In addition, they are UL certified, which guarantees quality and safety.

The wood is protected with satin lacquer, so it preserves the natural colour of the wood and gives it a small shiny effect.

They also come with a smartphone application that allows you to choose between static or dynamic colors and many automatic modes.

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The advantages of LED lighting

The technological advances in lighting, in the last decades, have been impressive. And one of the most innovative products that radically transformed the lighting market is LED lights. These electronic devices are the new standard in city lighting.

The many virtues of LED lights have gradually led to a shift away from the use of conventional light bulbs. The proliferation of LED lighting can be seen in many homes, offices, restaurants, shopping malls and other busy places.

If you are looking for an affordable, cheap and functional alternative, to illuminate the interior or exterior spaces of your property, without consuming too much energy, or you are interested in knowing how LED lights work, then you are in the right place.

As ART & ZIGN, experts in the creation and creative design of wooden and LED lighting products, we will explain you here the fabulous advantages of LED lighting.

What are LED lights?

LED light is an electrical light generated by devices that emit light, through one or more Light Emitting Diodes (LED). They have a longer lifetime than incandescent lamps. In addition, they are significantly more efficient, with a luminous efficacy of up to 303 lumens per watt.

LED lights reach their maximum brightness, without any delay in heating. Their directional emission characteristics allow them to produce powerful luminosity, superior to incandescent lamps. Therefore, the distribution of light and heat dissipation, make them highly economical and efficient.

Another novelty of LED diode is that they also emit lights of different colors, precisely RGB (red, green and blue), which admit the mixture of many other colors. Also, the color temperature range of LED lights (warm or cold white) is flexible and compatible with any room.

What are LED lights?

Advantages of LED lights

The great contributions of LED lights range from reduced energy consumption, lower production costs, to affordable prices, and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Moreover, the market for LED lamps is expected to grow more than twelve times in the next decade, with more innovations.

And since we live in a world where energy consumption has skyrocketed exponentially, especially in large cities and urban centers, LED lamps are becoming an ideal alternative, to safeguard the environment and save energy.

And if you still have doubts about why LED lights are so popular, let’s see some advantages and reasons why this type of lighting is so successful and beneficial for your building.

Compact size

LED lights are effectively compact and perfect for small spaces. They also come in different shapes, for different rooms. These lights are also easy to install, and can even be adapted and regulated in different corners of your property, without problems.

Efficiency and energy saving

One of the best advantages of LED lights is that they save about 50% electricity than traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lamps. This substantial reduction can serve you well, if you keep the lights on for long periods of time.

High capacity

Thanks to the high production of lumens per watt, LED lights are able to convert about 70% of their energy into light, without wasting it in heat. This greatly maximizes light output and power consumption. The power of these lights is 40 to 135 lumens per watt.

Directional Emission

The light irradiation in LED lamps is highly economical, since light is emitted in a hemispherical way, due to its flat surface, avoiding waste in reflectors or diffusers. Therefore, the design of LED lights is ideal for lighting spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Extended lifetime

The LED lights, thanks to their manufacture and electronic components, have a long life of between 30,000 and more than 50,000 hours of use. This also depends on the quality of the lamp, but the durability is more than three times that of traditional incandescent or halogen lights.

And unlike these, LED lights do not burn out or fail suddenly, but the amount of light eventually decreases, until it expires (lumen depreciation). With longer operating life, LED lights do not need early replacement or constant maintenance.

Instantaneous power on and resistance to temperature changes

Unlike traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights, which need heat in their filaments to turn on the light flow, LED lights do not require a warm-up period and turn on instantly (within nanoseconds).

On top of that, LED lights are not affected by temperature changes. They can operate smoothly in significantly low temperatures (such as in refrigerators). In addition, because of the low heat generated and dissipated by the diodes, they can illuminate perfectly in warm and dry spaces, such as museums.

High quality of light and brightness

LED devices have a better color rendering index (CRI), which allows for greater color clarity. They can also emit light at an extremely high level of brightness. In some LED lamps, you can even regulate the light output and the amount of brightness to optimize the illumination.

High quality of light and brightness

They do not radiate any harmful substances

Due to the high luminous efficiency of LED lights, heat radiation is greatly reduced, thus decreasing the emission of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light. In addition, LED manufacturing is more sustainable, as no harmful chemicals, such as mercury or sulfur, are used.

They are environmentally friendly

LED lights are incredibly eco-friendly, because in addition to lowering production chemicals, they help significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Putting it into figures, if you replaced 10 traditional light bulbs with one LED lamp, you would reduce the emission of 1599kg of CO2 per year.

Compatibility and Intelligence

LED lights have compatible on/off systems, which can be adjusted in fast, short or continuous cycles. Many LED devices even have intelligent sensors and controllers, which adapt the amount of light and regulate productivity and lighting automatically.

Creative Designs

Unlike the conventional and monotonous designs of traditional lights (bulbs, lamps), LED lights can be found in a variety of designs, colors, shapes and sizes, ranging from modern to contemporary and abstract.

This allows you to adapt and personalize the lighting of your property, according to your decorative tastes, both for interiors and exteriors. For example, the models with LED lights, which we created in ART & ZIGN, are perfect examples of what can be done with LED lights and a little creativity.

Creative Designs

Now that you know the many advantages and benefits over LED lighting, what are you waiting for to get your own LED lamps and devices? Change all those old bulbs and renew your property, with the highest technology in lighting and modernity.

Your property will be well lit, ecological and energy efficient, and you will save a lot in the long term, in maintenance and replacement of lights. But if you want to customize your LED lights, with bold, unconventional and creative designs, you can consult with us at ART & ZIGN.

We are experts in manufacturing decorative lights, with high quality LED lighting. You can check our select product catalogs with innovative designs. We use noble materials and offer you original objects, which will give your interiors an incredible touch.

In addition, you have the option to customize your lighting with the colors and finishes you prefer in wood. If you want to know more about our products, contact us, we will be pleased to help you! We want to offer you warmth, light and dreams. You can find us in Montreal-QC, Canada.


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Impetus Design is a vanguard option to renew your…

With a wide tradition in wooden lamps, in this 2021 comes for you the Impetus design, as an avant-garde option to renew your space. As Art & Zign, we are committed to offering the best quality in the market, at affordable prices for you.

For this reason, the Impetus design is invaluable and effective to illuminate your nights and, at the same time, give your rooms a renovating and aesthetically great atmosphere. In this article we will delve into the design of Impetus, the customizable wooden lamp with LED, which will never again leave your room.

Equipped with many light effects that will match the environment, Impetus came to stay in the heart of your home. Based on this, in Art & Zign we will tell you all the details, so you can venture with us, in this great avant-garde adventure.

Let’s get started!

What is Impetus?

The Impetus design, in a few words, is a unique and revolutionary concept of table lamp, made of solid wood and equipped with customizable LED. Its style is modern, highly refined and adaptable to your changing moods.

This means that it has multiple options to choose the color of the light. In addition, it can be installed anywhere in the house, so that you can find peace of mind with the colors emitted. That said, it is not surprising that it is in such high demand for chromotherapy.

Impetus lamps are made of solid wood (red oak not stained) and equipped with the highest technology in LED lights. Therefore, once the lamp is installed, you can choose from 16 million colors and more than 180 dynamic modes that will seduce you.

What is Impetus?

As if that were not enough, the lamp comes with a phone application, which will allow you to choose between static, dynamic and automatic modes. This, added to its elegant wood design (which can be dyed at the customer’s request), will open up new chromatic horizons, of which you will be a faithful follower.

Based on the above, the features of Impetus are the following:

  • It is 26 cm high, 49 cm wide and 16 cm deep.
  • Includes 1m LED strip (includes LED strip, controller, 110/220-12V power supply).
  • Weighs approx. 0.8 kg.
  • Includes 1 remote control or 1 smartphone application.
Impetus design

Why is Impetus a cutting-edge option?

Why is Impetus a cutting-edge option?

The Impetus design is a vanguard option to renew your space, because of the multiplicity of colors and materials used in its manufacture. That said, it’s amazing all the things that can come up with mixing colors and wood, in the dark.

The twisted shape of the lamp, the arrangement of the LED and the prevailing darkness can only mean revolution, as opposed to the classic ways of lighting the house. The Impetus design achieves a concretion of colors, the coexistence of light particles with the space and the counterproposal to conventional table lamps.

Impetus is not only about buying a lamp, but to seek relaxation in the colors and, above all, find tools to make your home beautiful. Light is important in today’s homes and, with that in mind, it would now be impossible for us to live without light.

Therefore, Impetus design is important to diversify the ways we light rooms, living rooms, dining rooms and, why not, the toilet room. Impetus allows us to light our house, as we see fit. Because of all its versatility, Impetus is the cutting-edge option that came to light up your life.

Renewing your space with Impetus will be great

Renewing your space with Impetus will be great

As we have already mentioned, Impetus is very versatile and offers an infinite number of colors, to the delight of your eyes. Now that you know this, imagine for a moment all the possibilities that exist to renew your space.

It doesn’t matter what color palette you use to buy curtains, cushions, carpets… because with Impetus you will always get the color that best suits your needs. 2021 brings us great changes.

Such changes are often reflected in the decoration of your home and in the way each of its elements is distributed. That’s why it’s important to have a lamp that adapts to the environments that you like the most and that also relaxes body, mind and heart.

The light of the house is an important element, because it allows to contrast things, to attenuate specific sectors and to enhance others. Also, the light spectrum of Impetus tends to merge with the light of the environment, achieving unique and comforting colors.

Where can I buy Impetus?

Now that we know more about the Impetus design, as an avant-garde option to renew your space, we just need to tell you where you can buy this product. The Impetus design is an exclusive from Art & Zign, where we are experts in wooden lamps of the highest quality.

Our lifelong passion is creation. That’s why we confidently say that our wood lamps are the best in the whole region of Quebec. Handcrafted, our Impetus chandeliers will enchant you.

At Art & Zign, we are experts in the elaboration of lamps. So, now that you know why Impetus is the best avant-garde option to renew your space, contact us by phone or to our email: it will be a pleasure to give you the best color experience in your life.

7 avantages de l'utilisation du bois dans la décoration de la maison Non classé

7 advantages of using wood in home decorating

Wood never goes out of fashion. On the contrary, as the years go by, its use in home decoration becomes fundamental for its style, resistance and durability.

Therefore, it is not surprising that it is one of the most sought-after accessories in the region. In addition, while it is used for interior decoration, it also predominates in flooring, furniture and, of course, lighting fixtures.

Due to the diversity of functions, in this article we present you 7 advantages of using wood in home decoration. Based on experts, we will make a brief tour through the benefits of wood.

This way, it will be easier for you to decorate your home, taking into account the characteristics that a good product should have. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Why use wood to decorate your home?

One of the questions that arises, when talking about using wood to decorate a home, is: why? In Art&Zing we know that wood transcends time, brings style, and even improves people’s quality of life.

With this in mind, here are the 7 advantages of using wood in home decoration.

Why use wood to decorate your home?

Advantage 1: it is a renewable resource

Using wood for home decoration may sound anti-ecological and very expensive. However, it is quite the opposite, because, being a renewable resource, its use is controlled, under the strictest regulations.

If producers did not care about trees, furniture and wood-based items could not be produced. Therefore, although it may seem impossible, there is a responsible use of this resource.

In addition, those responsible for the production of wood products seek the renewal of the flora. While this is because it benefits them to continue producing, it also helps to counteract major problems, such as climate change.

As is well known, trees filter the air generated by automobiles or industries. Therefore, the work of timber producers helps to ensure that balance is always a priority, based on a policy of give and take.

Advantage 2: it has high durability and resistance.

If we compare furniture, such as floating shelves or tables, you will notice that those made of wood are more resistant, durable and have better aesthetics. On the other hand, although there have been many products that claim to replace wood, you rarely find a quality one.

By using wood in the decoration of your home, you will have the security of obtaining long-lasting materials. It is important to remember that it is an investment for life, so looking for the best will make you feel satisfied.

Advantage 3: It conveys tranquility and sophistication.

Unlike other materials, only wood manages to transmit tranquility and sophistication, in every sense. That is to say, wood furniture is aesthetically beautiful and with an authenticity that imitations will never achieve.

The decoration of a house with wood will always refer us to the tree, to the forest and will allow us to experience olfactory and sensory experiences, impossible in other products: you will feel relaxed and comfortable at home.

Advantage 3: It conveys tranquility and sophistication.

Advantage 4: reduces excess humidity

A curious fact about wood is that it is hygroscopic. That is, it has the ability to absorb water and moisture from the environment. Based on this, decorating your home with wood will help keep the interior in optimal conditions.

Advantage 5: it works as a thermal and acoustic insulator.

Another important advantage that wood has, when decorating interiors, is to regulate heat and keep the personal space comfortable. This is because the cellular structure of wood does not accumulate heat, like aluminum or cement.

On the other hand, it is also a natural acoustic insulator. Depending on the arrangement of the objects in the house, or the proportions of the wood, it will absorb sound waves and prevent acoustic vibrations.

Advantage 6: easy and quick to maintain

When we buy a product to decorate our home, we look for it to be easy to maintain in good condition. If you opt for wood, you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for, easy to clean and durable.

For example, in the case of light fixtures, shelves or wooden tables, you will only need a damp cloth to clean them. Sometimes you will have to use soaps or other products. However, it won’t take much time or money.

Advantage 6: easy and quick to maintain

Advantage 7: the quality is clear to see

And finally, wood will give elegance to your home because, indeed, it is the undisputed queen of interior decoration. Wood conveys quality, beauty and relaxation: decorating your home with wood will be the best investment of your life.

Equally important, remember that you will not spend a lot of money. On the contrary, there are inexpensive and excellent alternatives on the market to give a new look to your home. So go ahead and decorate your house with wood.

Advantage 7: the quality is clear to see

In this link you can see an alternative, which is catching everyone’s eye.

Art&Zing, your best option in wood for home decoration.

After our tour of the 7 advantages of using wood in home decoration, we will tell you where you can buy wood items for your home. Indeed, we are talking about Art&Zing, the birthplace of the greatest experts in wooden floating lamps and shelves.

Our passion and commitment is to create items that are ideal for interior decoration. All of our products are the best in Quebec, and are approved by the Concours Destination Création, where we were finalists.

Although our specialization is lamps, we also have a genuine love for creating art in wood. So, if you want to renovate your space using wood, contact us via phone 514-578-5603 or at our email: we assure you a unique and rewarding experience.

Les 7 règles d'or de l'éclairage intérieur Non classé

The 7 golden rules of interior lighting

Interior design could not be complete without perfect interior lighting.

The 7 golden rules of interior lighting are crucial when designing, planning and decorating a space. Without it, you would not be able to appreciate the great architectural work that has been created.

In the world of interior decoration, you have to know how to take advantage of absolutely everything, and start working with one specific thing as a reference: lighting. Knowing what elements will make up the rooms is an excellent clue, to determine what type of interior lighting is the most appropriate, what style of lamp will be the right one, how much lighting you will need, and so a varied list of structural options unfolds, according to the lights.

Why is correct lighting important?

Why is correct lighting important?

Lighting is an infallible tool in the life of interior designers. Thanks to their knowledge and creativity, designers can stack groups of common elements and combine them together to create a work of art.

For example, a modern wooden furniture with minimalist details and sober colors can be a great decorative idea for a room, the walls with pastel shades and light colors, and a bright and shiny ceramic floor. These pieces, within a room, would look good on their own, but together they decorate the room. Now, none of this could be appreciated without the right lighting.

If it were a totally closed room, with no natural light coming in or artificial lights installed, the room would be completely dark, and there would be no way to see what is inside.

That is why it is vital to know the 7 golden rules of interior lighting.

7 golden rules of interior lighting

By following these rules, you will be able to light up any room, and allow every element within it to shine and be pleasing to the eye.

Here are the 7 golden rules:

Rule #1: initial assessment

In this first stage, you analyze and evaluate the space, room or place where lighting will be required. It is necessary to know what physical and decorative elements will be used in the room, to achieve a better success in the choice of lights.

With the analysis previously done, it will be much easier to determine what type of lighting you will want, in what specific place you will place the lights, what lights you like the most and what type of lights will combine, according to the room or place to decorate.

Rule #2: the type of light you will choose

For interior lighting, there are several types of illuminations, which guarantees a specific purpose. For example:

  1. General lighting: it is obtained by using wide beam optics, while emitting a direct and/or indirect light. This type of light helps to perceive the volumes of the space as a whole.
  2. Focal lighting: basically, it focuses on a specific point, and illuminates it completely. Its intention is not to dazzle, but neither to generate shadows.
  3. Decorative lighting: it fulfills the function of beautifying and decorating, through the use of lights.

Knowing these types of lighting will facilitate your work, in making decisions about which interior lighting to use.

Rule #3: the use of natural light

Natural light will always be more functional than artificial light, and you should be very clear about that. However, there are environments where both lights can work together and create a beautifully lit space.

Even so, keep in mind that natural light is not always the most suitable for crowded or frequently used spaces. Natural light can only be taken advantage of during the day, when the sun has not yet gone down, and it is for that reason that artificial light and natural light are the best ally, for rooms with the most use.

Rule #4: balance lighting

As we mentioned in rule #2, the types of interior lighting will be paramount to complete rule #4. The balance between a room and the use of lights is essential, to vitalize the space with good energy and good vibes.

Using lights incorrectly can cause the space to look unbalanced, which would be a terrible mistake in decorating your rooms.

To do this, make sure that every corner, every nook and cranny, and every little spot in the room is perfectly lit. And to achieve this, you’ll need to know rule #5.

Rule #5: Decoration

Rule #5: Decoration

In this step, the decoration of the lights becomes the strongest link to turn your room into a wonderful utopia.

You can know the various types of lamps that will provide a certain degree of illumination, depending on their style. For example, chandeliers provide more general illumination than a table lamp, which generates a focal illumination.

Likewise, lamps are a much more complicated decision, in terms of style and good results, because you will have to try several options until you find the right one that illuminates well enough.

Rule #6: Special lights

These lights are indicated for specific spaces within a room.

Imagine you are reading a book, and you are sitting in a chair in front of your reading table, and the lamp happens to be right behind you. If you find yourself in this situation, the artificial light will not be enough to illuminate the pages of your book, and you will need to move to another place to be able to read.

In this case, there are table lamps, which illuminate a specific space within a room: the reading table.

This type of focal lighting is suitable for some kind of daily activity that requires a lot of light.

Rule #7: originality does work

This last rule is perhaps the most fun of all. Originality will come from your distinguished taste and style, which will ensure that you choose the right type of lamps, lights and lighting to suit your personality, needs and interests.

Love chandeliers? Choose a chandelier that matches your style. Here’s how this rule works: you’ll be the boss in choosing what suits you and what doesn’t.

The different types of indoor lighting Non classé

The different types of indoor lighting

The vibe, the energy, the spirit of a room in our home can change intensely depending on the interior lighting. That’s how important lighting is in our room.

To begin with, every home is unique and maintains a defined style that is incomparable to others. With this in mind, you can target the design and implementation of lighting in the different sections of the home, both for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms.

When we talk about interior lighting, we can’t just mention style. Actually, there is more to it than that, and now you will know more about what you truly need.

The essence of interior lighting: the light bulb

As we mentioned to you earlier, the art of lighting does not only lie in the styling of a light bulb. The latter plays an important role in choosing which lighting will suit you best.

We’ll take you on a journey through time – let’s get started!

Light bulbs: goodbye candles!

Let’s start with the conventional: light bulbs. This type of lighting projects lights with incandescent yellowish tones, appropriate for some rooms of the home, or particular styles. It was created hundreds of years ago, and thanks to its invention, modernization in the energy market was growing.

However, with the advance of technology, this bulb evolved, as it was prone to deteriorate faster, and its energy consumption was higher. From it, it was possible to transform the incandescent energy, and transform it into a healthier energy for the planet. Read on to find out which one.

Fluorescent lamps

An alternative to the conventional light bulb: fluorescent lamps are more complex to understand. While they provide splendid illumination, such as in offices, hospitals and receptions, this lamp is composed of chemicals that are not very common.

Its use of mercury and other natural gases radiate energy when electric current makes contact with the cathodes, thus generating visible light. It uses less energy to produce the same amount of light as a light bulb and, indeed, can last longer.

LED lights

LED lights top the list of light bulbs, especially for their energy efficiency and wide range of light colors. These features have made them well accepted by consumers. Therefore, their application has delivered splendid results in interior lighting design.

Types of interior lighting

It is time to start talking about what you are interested in: interior lighting and its different types. We advise you to analyze each of the following lighting styles well, as it is vital that you know exactly the characteristics of each one. In this way, your choice can be combined with the style of your home.

General lighting

General lighting

Generally speaking, general lighting is the foundation for any lighting scheme. Its purpose is to provide an even brightness in the room, while, at the same time, illuminating the ambiance of the area.

Central pendants are regularly used as chandeliers. Modern models are composed of LED light bulbs, whose service life is longer than that of conventional incandescent light bulbs and, clearly, candles.

LED lights in chandeliers allow to give light in the room for more than 8 hours a day, and their durability can reach 15 years of use. However, it will be convenient to accompany the general lighting lamps with other lighting, so the light will illuminate every corner of the area and eliminate unflattering shadows.

Task or task lighting

This style of lighting is installed to illuminate a specific space and complete a specific task or job, such as reading, cooking, working or studying. It is recommended to use a high wattage so that the light illuminates perfectly and to always accompany it with ambient light. This will not cause eyestrain.

Task lighting works perfectly well with incandescent bulbs, and can be used in table lamps. If you want a more modern style, lamps with LED lights abound in the market, such as our table lamps. Designed with solid wood, they provide customizable colored lights for any occasion.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient Lighting

Shares a similar concept to general lighting; the difference is that ambient lighting focuses on the direction of light. Its purpose is to customize light spectrums for certain occasions, mainly for entertainment purposes.

Are you having a family dinner? With ambient lighting you can adjust the intensity of the light to your liking; and if your requirement is more powerful, the use of LED lights will guarantee a great result. Ambient lighting is indirect, which makes it softer. It also helps eliminate unflattering shadows, and you don’t need natural light to beautify the room.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting

Accent lighting works to highlight a certain object or area, which requires more power to illuminate perfectly well. An example of accent lighting is found in art museums: works on display for the public are illuminated by this type of lighting. They focus their light on the object, highlighting its features and providing greater visibility.

For your home, it is ideal for illuminating the drawers in your kitchen, the shelf inside your bathroom or the closet in your bedroom.

Want to know about the golden rules of lighting? Read about it here.

The world of interior lighting is wide and there are several options to choose from. Which one will you choose?

GATEWAY the most beautiful and modern bedside lamp Non classé

GATEWAY: the most beautiful and modern bedside lamp

The way the rooms of a house are decorated has changed. People are no longer looking for traditional elements, they want them to be creative, innovative and to make the place stand out, starting with something as essential as the night lamp.

In the market there are many models of night lamps to illuminate the space, but none will be equal to those of the Gateway line, which are presented with a unique concept of LED light lamp, which surely you will love to have in your home.

This type of night lamp is far from the traditional model, it is completely new what it offers to its buyers, but to know the real appeal it has, we will tell you the characteristics of the Gateway line, which you will surely love.

If you want to customize the rooms of your home, the stay or any other space of it, you must have one of these beautiful lamps as part of the night lighting of it.

Design of the Gateway night lamp

One of the main attractions that has the Gateway night lamp is its attractive design, as it is not like any other lamp on the market, this has a circular design that catches the attention of anyone.

There are other models available from the same brand of Gateway, but this one stands out for the displacement of its led light by the internal part of its entire structure, which manages to give your room a more complete lighting.

If you decide on a night lamp like the Gateway line, you will get to customize each of the spaces where you place it, so you will see how it changes the atmosphere of your home, even improving your mood.

They are made of quality materials

When buying a night lamp we must think about the material with which they are made, because if it is not sufficiently resistant may end up happening an accident at home and end up damaging it.

The Gateway night lamp is made of solid wood, specifically solid red oak, so you will not have any kind of problem if it were to fall, although we recommend you avoid it whenever possible.

For a better finish of this lamp, its creators have protected the wood with satin lacquer, which allows it to retain its natural look, and at the same time gives it a glossy effect.

In addition to solid wood, this night lamp is equipped with the latest in LED technology, something that is quite seductive nowadays, thanks to the fact that it will not only give traditional lighting to your spaces, it can also do so in other colors.

If you install this night lamp in a living room, dining room, in your kitchen or in your office, you can customize the type of light you want for the place, so that you can feel more pleasant in that space.

Can be customized wirelessly

The latest in technology has been used in the Gateway night lamp, so you will not need to get up from your bed or couch where you are, you just have to download an app on your mobile and from there make the color change of your lighting.

The type of customization that allows you the Gateway night lamp, gives you the opportunity to apply in your home chronotherapy, a type of alternative medicine where the visualization of colors is used to improve mood and well-being of those present.

With the application of this lamp, you can select between dynamic or static colors, but you also have several automatic modes available. In total you have more than 16 million colors and more than 180 dynamic modes.

It has the ideal size for any space

Although it is a night lamp, you can use it in any space you have in your home, as its dimensions allow it, these being the following: 45 cm high, 37 cm wide and 10.5 cm deep.

As for the LED light that has the night lamp is 1.2 meters, includes the controller and power supply that works with current 110 / 220-12V.

About the weight of this lamp we can tell you that it is light for the material with which it is made, since it weighs only 2.3 kg, so it will not damage the surface of any space where you place it to illuminate it.

Combines with any type of decoration

With the material that the Gateway night light is made of, as well as the innovative design that it has, you will have a decorative element that goes well with any style that you have in your home, so you will not have to limit yourself in that sense.

When someone visits your home and sees this LED light fixture, they will be perceiving a work of art, so don’t be surprised if they ask you where you bought it, because they will definitely want to have one of these in their home.

The Gateway lamp combines very well with other elements made of wood, but that does not have to limit you, it also complements perfectly with steel and plastic, it’s just a matter of using creativity for placement in your home.

It has ULc certification

Buying this type of lamp you will have an element that is of quality and safe for your home, thanks to the ULc certification issued by Underwriters Laboratories, which certifies that certain products meet the necessary standards to be marketed.

The Gateway nightlight, then, with this certification, is a highly competitive product that circulates freely in international markets, so you have no limitation to have it at home.

If you were looking for an innovative and eye-catching way to add lighting to your home, you must have a Gateway night light, with it you will get it in a simple way and with a unique style that anyone will want for their home.