Impetus Design is a vanguard option to renew your space

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Impetus Design is a vanguard option to renew your…

With a wide tradition in wooden lamps, in this 2021 comes for you the Impetus design, as an avant-garde option to renew your space. As Art & Zign, we are committed to offering the best quality in the market, at affordable prices for you.

For this reason, the Impetus design is invaluable and effective to illuminate your nights and, at the same time, give your rooms a renovating and aesthetically great atmosphere. In this article we will delve into the design of Impetus, the customizable wooden lamp with LED, which will never again leave your room.

Equipped with many light effects that will match the environment, Impetus came to stay in the heart of your home. Based on this, in Art & Zign we will tell you all the details, so you can venture with us, in this great avant-garde adventure.

Let’s get started!

What is Impetus?

The Impetus design, in a few words, is a unique and revolutionary concept of table lamp, made of solid wood and equipped with customizable LED. Its style is modern, highly refined and adaptable to your changing moods.

This means that it has multiple options to choose the color of the light. In addition, it can be installed anywhere in the house, so that you can find peace of mind with the colors emitted. That said, it is not surprising that it is in such high demand for chromotherapy.

Impetus lamps are made of solid wood (red oak not stained) and equipped with the highest technology in LED lights. Therefore, once the lamp is installed, you can choose from 16 million colors and more than 180 dynamic modes that will seduce you.

What is Impetus?

As if that were not enough, the lamp comes with a phone application, which will allow you to choose between static, dynamic and automatic modes. This, added to its elegant wood design (which can be dyed at the customer’s request), will open up new chromatic horizons, of which you will be a faithful follower.

Based on the above, the features of Impetus are the following:

  • It is 26 cm high, 49 cm wide and 16 cm deep.
  • Includes 1m LED strip (includes LED strip, controller, 110/220-12V power supply).
  • Weighs approx. 0.8 kg.
  • Includes 1 remote control or 1 smartphone application.
Impetus design

Why is Impetus a cutting-edge option?

Why is Impetus a cutting-edge option?

The Impetus design is a vanguard option to renew your space, because of the multiplicity of colors and materials used in its manufacture. That said, it’s amazing all the things that can come up with mixing colors and wood, in the dark.

The twisted shape of the lamp, the arrangement of the LED and the prevailing darkness can only mean revolution, as opposed to the classic ways of lighting the house. The Impetus design achieves a concretion of colors, the coexistence of light particles with the space and the counterproposal to conventional table lamps.

Impetus is not only about buying a lamp, but to seek relaxation in the colors and, above all, find tools to make your home beautiful. Light is important in today’s homes and, with that in mind, it would now be impossible for us to live without light.

Therefore, Impetus design is important to diversify the ways we light rooms, living rooms, dining rooms and, why not, the toilet room. Impetus allows us to light our house, as we see fit. Because of all its versatility, Impetus is the cutting-edge option that came to light up your life.

Renewing your space with Impetus will be great

Renewing your space with Impetus will be great

As we have already mentioned, Impetus is very versatile and offers an infinite number of colors, to the delight of your eyes. Now that you know this, imagine for a moment all the possibilities that exist to renew your space.

It doesn’t matter what color palette you use to buy curtains, cushions, carpets… because with Impetus you will always get the color that best suits your needs. 2021 brings us great changes.

Such changes are often reflected in the decoration of your home and in the way each of its elements is distributed. That’s why it’s important to have a lamp that adapts to the environments that you like the most and that also relaxes body, mind and heart.

The light of the house is an important element, because it allows to contrast things, to attenuate specific sectors and to enhance others. Also, the light spectrum of Impetus tends to merge with the light of the environment, achieving unique and comforting colors.

Where can I buy Impetus?

Now that we know more about the Impetus design, as an avant-garde option to renew your space, we just need to tell you where you can buy this product. The Impetus design is an exclusive from Art & Zign, where we are experts in wooden lamps of the highest quality.

Our lifelong passion is creation. That’s why we confidently say that our wood lamps are the best in the whole region of Quebec. Handcrafted, our Impetus chandeliers will enchant you.

At Art & Zign, we are experts in the elaboration of lamps. So, now that you know why Impetus is the best avant-garde option to renew your space, contact us by phone or to our email: it will be a pleasure to give you the best color experience in your life.