GATEWAY: the most beautiful and modern bedside lamp

GATEWAY the most beautiful and modern bedside lamp Non classé

GATEWAY: the most beautiful and modern bedside lamp

The way the rooms of a house are decorated has changed. People are no longer looking for traditional elements, they want them to be creative, innovative and to make the place stand out, starting with something as essential as the night lamp.

In the market there are many models of night lamps to illuminate the space, but none will be equal to those of the Gateway line, which are presented with a unique concept of LED light lamp, which surely you will love to have in your home.

This type of night lamp is far from the traditional model, it is completely new what it offers to its buyers, but to know the real appeal it has, we will tell you the characteristics of the Gateway line, which you will surely love.

If you want to customize the rooms of your home, the stay or any other space of it, you must have one of these beautiful lamps as part of the night lighting of it.

Design of the Gateway night lamp

One of the main attractions that has the Gateway night lamp is its attractive design, as it is not like any other lamp on the market, this has a circular design that catches the attention of anyone.

There are other models available from the same brand of Gateway, but this one stands out for the displacement of its led light by the internal part of its entire structure, which manages to give your room a more complete lighting.

If you decide on a night lamp like the Gateway line, you will get to customize each of the spaces where you place it, so you will see how it changes the atmosphere of your home, even improving your mood.

They are made of quality materials

When buying a night lamp we must think about the material with which they are made, because if it is not sufficiently resistant may end up happening an accident at home and end up damaging it.

The Gateway night lamp is made of solid wood, specifically solid red oak, so you will not have any kind of problem if it were to fall, although we recommend you avoid it whenever possible.

For a better finish of this lamp, its creators have protected the wood with satin lacquer, which allows it to retain its natural look, and at the same time gives it a glossy effect.

In addition to solid wood, this night lamp is equipped with the latest in LED technology, something that is quite seductive nowadays, thanks to the fact that it will not only give traditional lighting to your spaces, it can also do so in other colors.

If you install this night lamp in a living room, dining room, in your kitchen or in your office, you can customize the type of light you want for the place, so that you can feel more pleasant in that space.

Can be customized wirelessly

The latest in technology has been used in the Gateway night lamp, so you will not need to get up from your bed or couch where you are, you just have to download an app on your mobile and from there make the color change of your lighting.

The type of customization that allows you the Gateway night lamp, gives you the opportunity to apply in your home chronotherapy, a type of alternative medicine where the visualization of colors is used to improve mood and well-being of those present.

With the application of this lamp, you can select between dynamic or static colors, but you also have several automatic modes available. In total you have more than 16 million colors and more than 180 dynamic modes.

It has the ideal size for any space

Although it is a night lamp, you can use it in any space you have in your home, as its dimensions allow it, these being the following: 45 cm high, 37 cm wide and 10.5 cm deep.

As for the LED light that has the night lamp is 1.2 meters, includes the controller and power supply that works with current 110 / 220-12V.

About the weight of this lamp we can tell you that it is light for the material with which it is made, since it weighs only 2.3 kg, so it will not damage the surface of any space where you place it to illuminate it.

Combines with any type of decoration

With the material that the Gateway night light is made of, as well as the innovative design that it has, you will have a decorative element that goes well with any style that you have in your home, so you will not have to limit yourself in that sense.

When someone visits your home and sees this LED light fixture, they will be perceiving a work of art, so don’t be surprised if they ask you where you bought it, because they will definitely want to have one of these in their home.

The Gateway lamp combines very well with other elements made of wood, but that does not have to limit you, it also complements perfectly with steel and plastic, it’s just a matter of using creativity for placement in your home.

It has ULc certification

Buying this type of lamp you will have an element that is of quality and safe for your home, thanks to the ULc certification issued by Underwriters Laboratories, which certifies that certain products meet the necessary standards to be marketed.

The Gateway nightlight, then, with this certification, is a highly competitive product that circulates freely in international markets, so you have no limitation to have it at home.

If you were looking for an innovative and eye-catching way to add lighting to your home, you must have a Gateway night light, with it you will get it in a simple way and with a unique style that anyone will want for their home.