Height: 20 Centimetres; Width: 49 Centimetres; Depth: 16 Centimetres


New concept, table lamp in solid wood with customizable LED !!

With a modern and elegant design and all its customization possibilities, this designer table lamp adapts to your emotions, mood and state of mind, giving life to your home.
It can be placed in your bedroom, living room, dining room or office, and its customizable colors and effects make it easy to adapt to any room or mood.
This table lamp could also be used for chromotherapy.

Each lamp is made of solid red oak wood and equipped with LED lights.
You can choose between 16 millions colors and more than 180 dynamic modes.
This light fixture is ULc certified to guarantee you quality and safety.

The color and mode settings are remote controlled and/or programmable via a smartphone application.

This lamp is made of red oak without a stain.
The wood is protected with a satin lacquer to preserve its natural color.
The lamp color, in daylight is as shown on the pictures. It can be stained on demand.

Its dimensions:

Height 20 cm, width 49 cm, depth 16 cm.

Light :

LED strip 1 m (include strip LED, controller, power supply 110/220-12V)


apr. 0.8 Kg
1 X remote control or 1 X smartphone application